Miserable Much??


by: Dominique Wilson


Sometimes it’s hard to stay all the way clear of negative people. No matter how hard you try to keep a positive circle of influence around you, every now and then a “neg bomb” sneaks it’s way into your circle. A “neg bomb” is a term we use to use at this marketing firm I worked at in 2006. Anytime someone was always complaining or always had something negative to say no matter what, we would classify them as a neg bomb; basically that person is a “Debbie downer” or a pessimist.

I’ve adopted a new phrase that I saw on instagram the other day, anytime I feel someone around me is giving off extremely negative energy on a consistent basis the first thing that comes to mind is “KEEP YOUR MISERABLE ASS AWAY FROM ME.” On a daily basis as human beings we already have plenty of challenges that each and every one of us have to overcome. No matter what your place is in the world or on this earth, life is not perfect for anyone. With that being said, after conquering the daily challenges and putting up with life’s bullshit, who has time to deal with the next unhappy soul giving off negative energy and vibes all day…everyday? If you find yourself with a person or people like this around you, recognize it quickly and dispose of that energy because it’s not healthy for anyone. If every time I talk to you on the phone or in person you’re always upset, mad, angry, complaining, talking negative about other people, situations, yourself or the world, nine times out of ten you’re a “neg bomb” and I’ll be happy to let you explode all by yourself in your special little corner.


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