Have you ever just wondered…..what does all this mean?



by: Dominique Wilson

In 2004, Paul Haggis produced and directed the film Crash which is mainly about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles, CA. The film is also about how the lives of the characters in the film interweave with one another because of certain events that take place in their lives. I mention this film because sometimes you have to take a step back and wonder, what does it all mean?

Many times we cross paths with certain people in our lives and don’t realize how the connection we just made has a deeper meaning than what we see in front of us. On the surface it just seems as if we’ve met someone new and have common interests. If not that, sometimes it may just seem as if we’ve cross paths with someone because of a certain event, experience or circumstance. But what if we all played a small but key role in some stranger’s life before we even met them in the flesh and don’t know it? If we could all sit back and watch a movie called “My Life” I’m sure each and every one of us would be pleasantly surprised to see how the connections we made with certain people in our lives was already written and had deeper meanings to them than what we initially thought.

Personally speaking, I think about all the relationships in my life, current and past, friendships, partnerships, business connections, casual connections and romantic relationships and I always think about how did it start and why. I think about the significant role each person either played or is still playing in my life. I also wonder what does it mean for my future.


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