When being too cool goes wrong…….


by: Dominique Wilson

There’s a saying, “the longer you live and the older you get, the smaller your circle becomes”. This means that as you grow and become wiser and have more life experiences because of your age, the less friends you will have. The question is, does this saying necessarily apply to everyone’s life and do you really have to cut certain people off because it’s not meant for you to take them with you to your bright future ahead?

This saying may very well apply to certain people in your life that you cross paths with. If someone you are dating introduces you to another person so that you won’t be lonely in a city you just moved to, is it okay to become friends with this other person? Don’t you trust the person that you are dating, and expect that they have good judgement in the people they hang around? But on the other hand, what if you become very cool with this other individual that you have been introduced to only to find out later that the person you are dating had an intimate relationship with them before they introduce you both to each other? And may still be having one while you two are dating? Where do you draw the line at being too cool because obviously in a situation like this something has went very wrong????


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